Macworld: Consolidating Email

Here is a new editorial recently completed for Macworld. The article's focus was using IMAP to link all of your email accounts/locations so that you can access any of your email from anywhere. Whoa, technology. I can't wait for the future beyond 2010.

And here are the sketches:
The article spoke about how one would be able to access desktop email remotely via iphone.

I like the idea of mailboxes as a tin-can radio; the metaphor of advanced email technology communicating with antiquated methods really appealed to me.

This sketch focused on the consolidation aspect of the article, and I felt was the strongest choice as it not only showed grouping but alluded to ease of use (wouldn't a mailman love it if he only had to check one mailbox a day?

We decided to work with the mailbox sketch as it was definitely the strongest. The final art:

Working with Macworld was GREAT. They challenged me with very abstract subject matter, and I really enjoyed the mental challenge of solving the problem. Thanks!

Enjoy the Day,