Cincinnati Magazine: Kentucky River Monsters

From Megan the AD:
"I have an illustration job that I think you would be perfect for- an article about a new indoor football team - the Northern Kentucky River Monsters. The football team has a pretty distinct look to their jerseys and helmets. I think it would be nice to to an illustration that references the classic helmet in hand photos (see attached) and plays up the imagery associated with river monsters. I love the way you treated New Times Florida Warlords illustration and think that this one could be handled in a similar fashion."

After a phone discussion in which Megan and I nailed down a visual (time was short on this assignment), I worked up a layout, then a tight sketch:

Magan Ok'd the sketch, and I worked up a final in which I experimented a great deal with some new digital brushes. Fun stuff! I always enjoy the projects that let me try out new approaches!

Final image in context:

Enjoy the Day,