SF Weekly: Bait Car

I recently had a blast doing a feature for Andrew at SF Weekly. Andrew and I had collaborated WAAAAAY back when I was first entering the editorial field and he was working at Sacramento News & Review. So it was exciting to hear from him after his relocation, and he had a great story to tackle.

Apparently, a show called "Bait Car" is filmed in Los Angeles and was moving to San Francisco under questionable motives. Not only is the concept of a bait car often seen as entrapment, but the SF police force seemed to be allowing the show access for "fifteen minutes of fame." The article is a great read as it speaks not only on how wrongful arrests occur when good-intentioned citizens try to move bait cars blocking traffic, but it also addresses how many of these cases are just dismissed in court.

After reading the article, watching an episode, and reading folks thoughts and comments online, I decided to focus on the entrapment angle in my artwork. Here is a sampling of the ideation and thumbnails:

Sketches (very fun to draw this time around! More vehicles, please!): 

Andrew decided to go with sketches #3 and #5 with a slight revision to #3; seeing the steering wheel as too dated and sportscar-ish, we decided to make it a bit more generic and modern. Revision:


Upon, completion, it was decided that the skull emblem on the steering wheel was distracting from the concept and making the wheel hard to recognize. Goodbye, skull :) Final cover (Andrew did a great job with the text):

Interior layout. The interior actually had the viewer's shadow (you!) in the bottom right corner, but I nixed it in order to give Andrew room for text. Perhaps I'll add it back in for the website and portfolio...
Thanks for reading, and thanks to Andrew for a great assignment that made me stretch my skill set!

Enjoy the Day,