Borden's: Elsie the Cow logo treatment

I was very lucky to be selected for a Borden's logo update back in March. A design firm in Dallas was heading up the revamp for this big client; apparently, Broden's is in the top ten largest companies in America. Borden's has been around since its inception in 1857(!), and their logo has gone through several states over the years. The client decided they wanted to update the logo to "something the same yet contemporary." With the reference provided, I worked up a sketch with requested daisy in the background:

I tried to fix some anatomical discrepancies that I noticed in the most recent reference as a starting point. Nathan the AD liked the sketch, and he asked we go "less calf" and more "adult in the face. The number of daisies in the necklace had to be altered as well:

With approval on the sketches, we went to final with the request for several hair options:

After a proper hairstyle was selected, the AD asked for some exploration of the face:

And then Nathan took the options to the client who decided to keep their current logo. I was bummed, but that's advertising :) And so here was my personal favorite of the treatments for all your viewing glory:

Thanks for readin'!

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