Healthy Food Fight Poster

Over the summer I was very pleased to work with a NY design firm on a really fun project. They had been picked to provide art and design for a nationwide cooking event; I was lucky enough to be chosen as the artist for the project!!! Even though this was a quick turnaround, everyone was really easy to work with, and I'm so happy to finally feature this artwork.

A special thanks to Cozette and Tybre for helping me out by being photo-shoot models!

Initial sketches (three poster-type images and logo treatments):
Revised sketches (the client requested the cooks look like backyard chefs as opposed to professionals. This was so obvious after they pointed it out, I literally slapped my forehead):

Final artwork (the color palette was used to fit the client's branding. I think it really made the artwork much better and I'm now trying more color substitutions for shadows):

Enjoy the Day,