SMASH Magazine: Footwork!

Featured in this post is some sport-based artwork for SMASH, a teen magazine published by Tennis. In a great turn of events, an AD I worked with at Cincinnati relocated to NYC and took a position at Tennis. Congrats to Dennis for making his big move to the Big Apple!

The article is an instructional section of the magazine that helps kids and teens improve their tennis game. This particular article addresses a player's footwork. To me, the main emphasis was on constant foot movement and small steps at a high volume to maintain control and get to the ball. Here are the submitted sketches:

Dennis liked the extreme perspective version, and I was more than happy to take it to finish! With this piece, I tried to open up my color palette a bit as I have been getting numerous requests for the red/gold or red/white limited color work. I am pretty happy with this piece, and I think it is exciting for both grown-ups and kids to view. The final art in context:
Enjoy the Day,